“Mercy” book release spotlight!

Let’s give a HUGE Happy Book Release Day to author, S.E. Clancy! Her new novella, Mercy, is out today! WHOOHOO! Today we will be reviewing Mercy and interviewing the author herself. So buckle up.

Everything changed for Mercy Benson after the argument with her husband. Leaving behind the taxi horns and clamor of New York, the young widow follows her mother-in-law to the sleepy mountain town of Fayette. Despite relatives taking her in, Mercy feels utterly out of place among the whispering pines and church-going folks.When she takes a job at the local restaurant, Mercy finds a piece of home in the owner, Wyatt Peralta. But she can’t claim it—someone broken and tainted would never deserve such joy.

I had the pleasure of reading S.E. Clancy’s contemporary novella, Mercy. It’s a retelling of the biblical story Ruth. I’m happy to be a small part in sharing this excellent book to all you readers. S.E. Clancy is no stranger when it comes to retellings. Her first novella, True, is the retelling of Rehab, which was released earlier this year. And let me tell you, that story is amazing. Be sure to check out True here .

But today is all about Mercy. When I first read Mercy, not only was I honored to get a peek at the author’s latest, but I honestly wasn’t too sure what to expect. When a reader gets the chance to read the author’s fresh out of the oven work, you don’t usually complain either. Nope. You curl in the blankets and allow the story to drift you into the world of the author’s imagination. What I can say for sure about Clancy’s latest, is that it’s a heart jerkier and kiss in the face, all the feel good emotions you could hope for.

Mercy is a well-crafted story about a young woman, Mercy, who’s been through quite the trauma. What connected me to the main character was her wounds. She is guarded and ridden with guilt and pain over her past. To add to the demons, Mercy is a recovering-alcoholic.

It isn’t until the very charming, Wyatt Peralta, steps into the picture and begins to slowly pull down the walls of Mercy’s guarded heart. I have to say, Wyatt is the best. S.E. Clancy did a good job at developing him. He’s a funny dude, bold too, and I enjoyed how you could never really tell what was going to come out of his mouth. Wyatt and Mercy played well off of each other. I’m betting readers are absolutely going to fall for Wyatt. Another character I adored was Adele, Mercy’s mother-in-law. Not only does Mercy’s walk leave us all with inspiration, but I also found Adele to be just as compelling. If her example doesn’t say don’t give up, I don’t know what does.

And if you’re still thinking about whether you should pick up this book or not then stop thinking!

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Stick around for the interview with the author of Mercy. Enjoy!

Victoria: When you decided to retell the story of Ruth, what was the one thing you kept in mind that you knew you had to include in your version?

S.E. Clancy: Ruth was a stranger from a foreign land in every way. She came to a country she did not know the language or customs. It was like being dropped on a different planet.

Victoria: There are some really sweet dance scenes in this book that I ate up. Where those a particular joy to write? And do you enjoy dancing like the way Mercy does?

S.E. Clancy: Love, love, love writing dance scenes! I am a horrible dancer. I have rhythm, but rhythm does not have me.

Victoria: The way you described Mercy’s tats seem like they would be cool to gawk at in person. The tats on the cover are lovely too. I myself don’t have tats but I probably would if I didn’t have commitment issues, haha. Do you have any tats?

S.E. Clancy: I don’t have a tattoo…yet. I do plan on one or two. They are already designed.

Victoria: Oh wow! Now I’m even more curious. What traits do you and Mercy share?

S.E. Clancy: Skepticism. I have a jaded view of many things and tend to have snap judgments.

Victoria: Understandable. I can respect that. Sometimes authors can have the best typos/cut scenes. Are there any bloopers or deleted scenes you can share with the readers?

S.E. Clancy: Nope! I use the scenes that I typed. Pretty boring, eh?

Victoria: Hey, you make use of everything you have! What’s your favorite under-appreciated novel?

S.E. Clancy: I don’t think that “Persuasion” by Jane Austen gets the love it should. Ms. Austen was ahead of her era in wit (and that is what sarcasm was called back then!).

Victoria: I’m already super excited for your YA book “Victoria Grace, the Jerkface” but can you tell me if you have any other writing projects in the works? *leans in closer*

S.E. Clancy: I am working on my next YA novel. And due to recent requests, there may be a sequel to “Mercy” already in the works…

Victoria: All right then! Thanks so much, S.E. Clancy for your time! If you want more of her be sure to check out her social links below. Don’t forget to grab your copy of Mercy. Out now!

Bio: An adrenaline junkie, S.E. Clancy has skydived, worked as a 9-1-1 dispatcher, and raised two daughters with her husband of over 25 years in Northern California. A bit of a sci-fi nerd, geek, and self-proclaimed dork, there isn’t much she won’t try at least once … unless it involves mayonnaise, because that stuff is just gross.

S.E. Clancy’s social links:

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