“Australia Burns” anthologies release!

Ebooks and paperbacks available now!

Let’s show Australia some love!

I’m so excited to share these books. All short stories included in these books are donated by the authors of The Wild Rose Press, Inc. Get the whole set and enjoy 48 stories by a talented group of authors and know ALL proceeds will aid the Australian Red Cross disaster relief and recovery. Such a big thank you to every author, editor, and production team who donated their work and time to make these books possible. The publisher and authors are not affiliated with the charities. They simply want to show Australia their love and support. I’m honored to be a small part of this. My short story “The Filthy Human” is featured in Volume 3. It’s a funny sci-fi/action story about a mutant and human who don’t quite get along.

All books are available on Amazon but if you order directly from the publisher more money goes to charity.

Volume One: http://bit.ly/AUSBURNS1
Volume Two: http://bit.ly/AUSBURNS2
Volume Three: http://bit.ly/AUSBURNS3

AMAZON (ebooks – individual)
Volume One: http://bit.ly/ausburns1e
Volume Two: http://bit.ly/ausburns2e
Volume Three: http://bit.ly/ausburns3e

AMAZON (print books – individual)
Volume One: http://bit.ly/ausburns1p
Volume Two: http://bit.ly/ausburns2p
Volume Three: http://bit.ly/ausburns3p

Volume One

A collection of Short Stories in Mainstream Fiction,
Women’s Fiction, Thrillers, and Mystery

A Solicitous Wife by Madeleine McDonald
No One Knew by Larry Farmer
Pinochle by Brenda Whiteside
The Tuesday Night Meeting by Peggy Jaeger
911, What’s Your Emergency? by D. V. Stone
Tall Tales by Laura Strickland
Fare Gain by Alexandra Christle
The Note by Stephen B. King
Three Ghosts by Julie Howard
Detective Paws and Lip Gloss by Maureen L. Bonatch
The Ring by Margaret Ann Spence
Portrait of a Gunfighter by Hywela Lyn
Six Hours or So by Lisa Wilkes
Prussic Acid by Melody DeBlois

Volume Two

A collection of Romance, Young Adult, and Women’s Fiction Short Stories.

Che Gelida Manina by M. S. Spencer
Recipes for Love by Carol Henry
Waiting for Caleb by Gini Rifkin
Wings of Fire by Jana Richards
A Lark by Gabbi Grey
Apple Crisp by Terry Graham
Goody Twoshoes by Mark Love
The Number by Barbara Bettis
Deadly Homecoming by Peggy Chambers
An Egg-Cellent Witness by Marilyn Barr
Season of Withered Corn by Judy Ann Davis
Beneath the Pines by Debby Grahl
Christopher Reisner by Linda Griffin
Unexpected Love: Chase Allen by Anna Lores
The Cowboy and the Lady by Jean Adams
The Heart Necklace by Amanda Uhl
The Relaxation Response by Darcy Lundeen
Dancing Through Tears by Jeny Heckman

Volume Three

A collection of Paranormal, Horror, and Sci-Fi Fiction Short Stories.

The Pilot’s Son by CJ Zahner
The Vengeance by Rhonda Gilmour
A Climb to Kill by ML Erdahl
Born of Fangs by Sydney Winward
Johnny Appleseed by Robert Herold
Rebellion in Slot III by Roni Denholtz
Home, Sweet Mobile Home by Alana Lorens
The Filthy Human by Tori V. Rainn
Baby Daddy by Kerry Blaisdell
The Witch of Calico Island by Cat Dubie
Stained-Glass Vision by Mary Morgan
A Witch’s Protocol by Tena Stetler
I Choose Life by Kristal Dawn Harris
Together Forever by N. Christine Samuelson
Where Is Your High School Sweetheart? by Donna Kunkel
Lost and Found by Joanne Guidoccio
Nursery Chimes by D.S. Lucas

Excerpt from my sci-fi short “The Filthy Human” featured in Volume 3

Earth, 2140

I gave the hologram picture of my father reflected inside my goggles a sympathetic grin. Sorry, Dad. To think this nerd was supposed to replace you. If Dad was still here, I bet he would have had a good laugh when he saw who they put in the field these days.

The blue scales along my bulky back and tail flared like they always did when I sensed a nearby enemy. Or maybe I was just annoyed at my human partner who shook like a loose tooth in his camo-suit. A grown man losing it over a thud in the corner of the abandoned building. Was he that afraid of ghost possession? Ghosts or no ghosts, my dad would have come blazing the room. I prayed the ghosts killed me before this idiot did.

I switched my safety off, scowling at Stewart. This was no place for a human. It wasn’t even a place for a mutant like myself. I hated visiting Earth. There was a reason ghosts made their planet uninhabitable for the last century. And too often I wished our species never agreed to help the humans clean up the very planet they contaminated.

Green ghosts plagued this near-crumbling tax building. Hell, I didn’t even know what a tax building was. Stewart mentioned it was an evil place, and I took his word for it. Seemed like a fitting place for ghosts to wreak havoc. Or more likely it had to do with the fun fact that, in 2019, humans thought it a good idea to cook up ghosts in labs. Morons.

Across the office, elevator doors slammed closed and Stewart bumped the barrel of his gun into my neck. Why did Rachel insist I needed a partner? After Dad’s death, I thought I made it clear, I would work alone.

“Are you sure it’s not coming back?” Stewart whispered.

“Only for you. They like tender human flesh.” I grinned, slinging my gun across my shoulder. How had Stewart ranked so high in his class? Standards must have dropped dramatically since my day.

He pointed at a stuffed crocodile sitting on a computer monitor. “Hey, Tony, kind of looks like you.”

When he gripped the blue toy, I smacked it out of his hands with my tail, watching it plop onto the dusty keyboard. How insulting. I preferred to think of myself as an evolved Komodo dragon.

“Stay alert, would you?” I growled.

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