“Curse of the Blacknoc Witch” Release Day!

I’m so happy to officially announce today is the release day for Curse of the Blacknoc Witch. Happy Release Day to me! It’s so strange seeing this story that I started back in 2016 going out into the wild. I never thought it would get bigger than a short story, and I certainly never thought it would ever get published by The Wild Rose Press. I still remember the day the story spilled its guts onto the pages. And in half a year, the rough draft was complete, and not without blood, sweat, and tears. It did take a while to get to this point, but here it is, now available to all readers.

When I wrote this story, I wanted it to be fun and inspiring for the reader. I wanted heart. Fight. Some adrenaline-induced moments. Mystery. Paranormal. Romance. I wanted all the icing on this cookie and I did my best to bake it to the best quality it is now. As of now, it’s out in the world, which I’m still wrapping my head around. This book is for you my readers and I do hope you can find your escape in this read.

A witch fueled with vengeance unleashes a curse like no other…

To the young ones who fall and do wicked deeds:
The monsters will find you and pull you like weeds.
Roaming forever until you are dead.
Hunting together until they are fed.
But only through the darkest of hours.
Some may last before fate devours.
A nightmare repeats, but this is much worse.
You can’t outrun the Blacknoc Curse.

A curse that was supposed to be a bedtime story comes alive at night and seeks to condemn evil kids by breeding a hunting ground for monsters.

They are monsters that would send grown adults to cower. But one monster named, Samuel, is not like the others. He may look terrifying but he’s different. Instead of hunting and eating the wicked kids, he chooses to be their protector.

Samuel is committed to protecting Layla, a young girl who’s willing to fight against the curse. She’s a survivor. It will take more than a set of teeth and claws to stop her from finding a way to break the curse.

The thick tree canopy shields me from the bright stars. Lucky for me, I see well at night. All monsters do.

Two swift monsters dash between trees like rabid wolves. I am the second one, just behind the monster pursuing the boy. I put an end to the monster’s hunt when I corner the ugly beast at the dense brush. Also enclosed in our cluster is the boy, who whimpers as he tries to slip through the branches only to snag his shirt sleeve on the sharp twigs. Before the beast can run after him, I stand in the way of its prey. I’m used to taking the same stance over and over, so it comes easy for me. Being a monster myself, there are some advantages I can always rely on. The primal instinct to keep fighting is one of them.

The beast charges me. I charge back. Our furry chests slam together on impact. Our claws dig slivers of skin off each other. I lose my grip on Ugly. I yank a vine off a tree and wrap it around Ugly’s bulging neck. Seven feet of muscle thrashes against the restraint. The beast flashes his long canines as he claws and roars. I roar back, tugging on the vine once more. Ugly tosses a horned elbow into my stomach. I jam my horned head into his neck.

The vine snaps, and Ugly bolts.

I catch the monster’s hind legs, my claws digging into his underfur of barbs.

To experience Layla’s and Samuel’s full journey, click on one of the order links to download the book.

Paperback and ebook available!

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